Inkjet has reached outstanding printing quality and it's rapidly replacing traditional analog printing in many industries.
Especially when reproducing natural material such as wood and stones, a good print is not enough as people need sensing and touching the material. 
We are proud to show our latest development which allows to combine exceptional printing with deep 3D texturing brining material to life.

  • designed for single-pass and multi-pass printing
  • high 3D definition
  • excellent adhesion on several substrates
  • cost-effective


The next revolution in digital printing is focused on internal decoration, most noticeably wood décorbaseboard, edge-banding   and flooring. Customers are really responding to our 3D texturing inks,  These ‘haptic’ qualities appeal to people who want that something extra and more of an experience from the décor they have in their homes. 





3D  scanning, digital imaging and printing technology are brought together to reproduce the textured detail of paintings: the originals are recreated in size, colour, brightness and textures.  With a captured image on hand, it's then possible to print a reproduction matching every detail, including raised brush strokes.